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Default Hi Brit

Hi dear Brit

Yes she dance with White Feather..they have a lot to talk in ONE energy by Love and Light...B.J. was a special , wonderful, wise, humble, and always so sweet ..many emails..over the Atlantic ocean...she is some of the most beautiful person I have been in-contact with during many years...for sure they W.F. and B.J.will following us "sherry-heads".., and smile at us from their hearts..sending lovely energy to all of us ...thus she was allways thinking in us-ness,...and we will allways thinking of YOU B.J., you will allways be in our hearts,...untill we meat again.....Love YOU, thank you..for be a part of my life....and dear Brit,...sending you divine and soft energy.

I know it is a dificult time for you Brit and for Shirley close friends,...may also your hearts be healed soon.
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