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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

It was a "Gathering Day", of sorts,
The Big Elephant thought.
Gathering all that she had purposed
Heretofore and now had found, another
Change coming 'round.

And in the coming of that change she found
All that she had learned coming forth to greet her.
It was from that learning that she was able to
Receive this new change without resistance
But with a knowing that all happens for the good of all.

In that "new light", The Big Elephant began to acknowledge
That another change was coming but now she found herself
"Inviting" it with anticipation. Because now she knew that
When one situation ends, it only opens up the door for another
To sweep itself across her plain in a new and inviting, exciting way.

So, now, she sat in anticipation, wondering with delight
What she would next experience. Full of anticipation and
Curiosity and a knowing that whatever it was would so fully
Continue to define who she truly is and allow her to delight
In her experience of being the best she could be in whatever situation

....She found herself...

For certainly that is what she had come to learn...
To find the best of herself in whatever situation
She found herself. That was her responsibility...
And, she found it was getting easier and easier
As she allowed herself to just go with the flow...

Acceptance of the situation that she was in and then
Finding her best self in whatever she was experiencing.
The Big Elephant then shook her head in agreement
With what she had come to know, saying "Yes, and so it is."
Taking another long deep breath, The Big Elephant,

....Turned her eyes towards the stars and identified with
the star that stood out in the darkness, the one who shone


Love, Deb
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