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It was another great sharing day with Sean and Sweetpea as we shared our evening meal. Peg has found a wonderful cottage just across the street from Sean's facility and only two blocks from where I live. She will return to New Mexico this week to gather up her stuff and move here next month. How wonderful is that for us to have our best friend here with us. I bless her for choosing to join us here and thank her for loving us so very much that she would come to "Texas". ahahah, that is a joke as she is from Chicago and never would have dreamed of living in Texas. I can't wait for her to pick up the "southern drawl" here. ahahahah! I told her, "You are now a Texan! You have a Texas address!"

For those of you who know our humor, that is a huge deal! ahahahaha!

Anyway, Sean is doing just great. He is still waiting for his prothesis and hopefully that will be coming soon. In the mean time he is working out to build up his upper body. I have to say, he has massive arms now. And his smile lends me to know that he is really proud of where he is at now.

So, my dear friends, please continue with your loving healing energy prayers and intentions for they are so working for my beautiful son. There will come a day when he will write his own story on this board. He is continually grateful for all the love and care that you all lend. Please continue with us on our wonderful journey.

Love you all,
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