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Carroll lost her hair, but she never lost her knowing that she would survive.

She is doing extraordinarily well. Never has had any nausea or weakness. And certainly her attitude and sense of humor is bringing her along this way with much grace.

Her doctor tells her that after her last chemo session starting May 20th, he will do another scan to check the progress. But as far now, it is looking so good that she has already scheduled trips the end of May, in June and July. She is totally convinced that her healing will be complete.

She gave me a "raise" in salary today. And then she said that she was going to sell the business so that she could travel but that she wanted me to go with the business - that she didn't want to leave me high and dry. She made that stipulation with her sales broker. I thanked her for the raise and for her concern though I told her I would be just fine. She said, "I know you will always be fine but I want to know that I didn't leave you high and dry." I thanked her for her consideration.

And yes, she said, just because I have put my business up for sale doesn't mean that it will sell tomorrow.

Now this is the wonderful thing with all of that. This is my reaction in this year of 2013. My reaction is acceptance of what is. And now my responsibility is to be the best in whatever situation I find myself.

That is what I have learned throughout this experience with my son. And now I am being provided another situation in which to practice that with myself.

I so love practicing with myself. Certainly need practice to get it right for me.

I am so grateful for this experience. Like Sean said, "Mom, you were supposed to be with Carroll to help her through this situation." Yes, I agree. I suggested she bless the chemo and the radiation for the benefit of her body, mind and soul. And she has done so. And in the doing, now we are seeing the magnificent results of that blessing. Just lends more knowing that all is connected. ALL, even the chemo and the radiation are connected to our thoughts and vibrations and intentions.

I believe, No, I KNOW that is what it is all about - the connection of everything and our just honoring that knowing, respecting and drawing it forward for the good of all.

Love you all so very much,
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