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Default Am so thankful for you all!

Thank you all so much for all healing energy and light you can muster my way at this trying time! Update: I've had a battery of tests for the past 5 days, and am (finally!) on a med that controls the pain in my legs to some degree. Now to gain back some of the 25 lbs I've lost

Just to have a doctor come forward and say, "hmmm .... this is definitely not just a pinched nerve from the fall in January ...." is a huge step in the right direction, I hope. If (as is now suspected) cancer has metastisized to the site of the fractures, I should have test results on Wednesday to determine where it originated from and how far it's spread. Then >>> whatever the next step is.

One of the very firm tenets that I cling to ALL the time is the power of prayer and positive thinking. I've seen the outcome of what this amazing EB Wellness & Healing Circle can accomplish ~ nothing is impossible for a true Cherry Head

Will keep you posted as I can. Just to know you're all in my life is a huge part of my journey forward. I love you all ~ thank you thank you thank you!!!

(and BJ? Brit? Please know I'm still holding you in the light!!)

Bright Blessings,
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