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Default Fulvic Acid

I have had some visions of a woman from the Andes. These visions are associated with my using a fertilizer mixture that I spray on different things like apple trees, our garden and lawns.

This year grubs have infested many lawns in the area. The crows have been digging up lawns to get to the grubs. This one area of the lawn has turned into bare ground with sandy soil. I spread limestone and an organic fertilizer, and then grass seed. In a 3 gallon sprayer, I mix fulvagrow, ammonia, dish soap, soda (not diet), fish emulsion, liquid Miracle Grow and fill it with water. I spray this over the newly seeded area.

Fulvic acid is supposedly a miracle molecule. In India & China, they have know about it for centuries. They dig it up and use it as a food supplement. When used as a fertilizer, it has powerful effects. I hope it will help the grass grow well in the sandy area.

It is an act of faith, spraying this mixture of fertilizers. It comes out in a fine mist, with part of the liquid leaking out, but in the night, I have visions associated with it. I am not certain what this all means.

Maybe someone in an agricultural research center needs to be investigating the potential of fulvic acid as a fertilizer.
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