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Joanne (and all!) . . . your comments remind me of Shirley's initial reaction to David's revelation in the book (if you have the paperback, we're on pp. 324-25, btw). Shirley says to David, "Why? . . . It could be anything . . . And it seems to me to make damn little difference at this point, whether we know for a fact, or don't know, what the soul is made of. . . . what's the point of breaking down its components . . ."


Well, I suppose that is an entirely different conversation we can have, isn't it? Perhaps the point of questioning and exploring is just that--to learn. It is the best our little human brain can do (with the help of opening our chakras, subtle body, and intuition to the inexplicable) to try to reconnect with what we have forgotten (the Source?) in this human form. Interesting, I'm looking at a few paragraphs after the above selection (on p. 326), and Shirley says "I felt I was remembering something somewhere way underneath my mind in a place I had never touched. . . ." Hmmm?

Well, before I get too much off on that tangent (unless others want to follow it?!?!?!), I want to go back a little in the book on p. 324 before David makes the statement . . . Shirley says "Well, . . . You mean it is a kind of ocean in which everything floats? . . ."

Okay, the reference to the phrase "cosmic ocean" and the name of David's unearthly companion Mayan reminds me of the Story of Markandeya: Waters of Non-Existence, which can be found in Heinrich Zimmer's Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization, which I read during yoga training. Shoot . . . I'm going to have to return to this later because I've got to head into a long commute into work now . . . But Markandeya touches on the existence of "maya," what is "reality," and that durn cosmic ocean . . . the Source? the interconnectedness of our soul energies? . . .

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