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I love your story. My husband and I were in Paris last year and decided to take a day trip to Versailles. We boarded the train and got to the palace about 10a.m. When we walked into the courtyard and saw the line of people waiting to buy tickets, our heart sank. It had to be a mile long. We only had the day and were so bummed that a couple of hours would easily be spent waiting in line. We decided to go see Marie Antionette's house first (on the grounds). There was a much shorter line for that. Anyway, when we got to the window, the very nice gentleman selling tickets told us to not get in that line. He said to go tour the house and gardens first and then come back to see the palace. He said by then the line will be gone. Sure enough , we did as he suggested and there was no line and we got right in! He was our French guardian angel!
So, sometimes when things seem to be getting you "stuck", the right person or thing will come along and "unstick" you!
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