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Default Betrayal

When you spoke of Betrayal... Deb, it made me think of my mother, she betrayed me too.. I still get very sad when I think of it. Never protecting me when I needed it, never ever telling me she loved me. Whipping me with a belt for not eating spinach. Locking me outside on saturday afternoons. Always sticking up for my brothers.... Lies..It has been a very tough battle to get through it all, so many messed up people. Are we ever gonna ask why is it that so many are like this...? Why so much betrayal, violence, chaos?
I think it is to make us turn to the creator. If we don't turn to our spiritual books and find order we will never make it. We do not make the rules, the creator does, it is called natural law and the constitution is based on it. Inalienable rights do not give us carte blanche to run roughshod over law. One way or another we will wake up..... Tomato
For behold the kingdom of heaven is within you. Luke 17:21
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