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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

I was wondering today, if I have done all I need to do, today,
And then it occurred to me that certainly I have for me to
Ask such a question, for certainly I would never consider if not.

The Big Elephant blended her day into the eve with respect
Of her repose and allowed herself to take a deep breath
Before she rested then in the swaying of the green of the leaves.

It had been a busy day, she delighted in all that had transpired
She recognized that she had put herself forward and vantaged
Herself in a most pleasant way, she smiled in delight of her being.

The Big Elephant then paused in her gratefulness for all that
She had experienced. She posed herself in respite, knowing that
All that she was has come from all that she purposed.

It was then that The Big Elephant felt the most gratitude.
Lifting her head before her evening rest, she gave one last
Pause for the eve and then gathered herself to sleep.

In her sleep, she dreamed. She dreamt of a Mountain that
She was yet to climb. Interestingly, she felt a calm knowing
That the climbing of this Mountain would be to her Ultimate Devine.

She rested then...

Love, Deb
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