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This is Anne's blog... from her hospital room.
Let's keep her bathed in healing energy!

I'm writing this diary from a hospital room, having had one brain operation and waiting to have another (more serious) one. For those of you who have not been in a hospital recently (or ever), the main problem is not pain--it's boredom and bad food. I wonder if these two things aren't intentional: A way to make you want to get well and go home soon.

As most of you know, I had a "brain bleed" (burst aneurysm) 8 years ago, something I've diaried extensively about. Lately, my brain problems have returned: A few weeks ago I found myself in an ambulance, not knowing who or where I was. One thing about a grand mal seizure--it really messes up your mattress, mainly because you bite the hell out of your tongue.

After that incident, our G.P. referred me to a neurologist, who did an EEG and a CAT scan and saw things inside my head that made him think I should immediately pack a bag and check into the Emergency Room in the hospital where the doctor who saved my life last time practices--and so I did.

After more tests, it was determined that the neck of my old aneurysm was weakening, and a benign (not cancerous) tumor called a meningioma was discovered growing around it. So the aneurysm needed to be re-coiled and the meningioma removed. The coiling has been done and I'm now up and walking to the bathroom again--not to mention eating real food--but I'm waiting for my doctor to do the more serious operation, which is the removal of the meningioma. They may have to cut a small artery in order to do this, meaning that I might lose a bit of my peripheral vision. This surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, because the doctor wants my brain to settle down for a few days post the coiling operation.

I had planned to start taking driving lessons again, but those plans are over (for now, anyway), so despite the fact that I used to drive around San Antonio, I will remain a non-driver in Los Angeles for an indeterminate time in the future.

For the coiling, the doctors were able to snake a tiny TV camera up my groin, but for the major operation, I will need to have my head shaved again, so there goes my hair style, such as it is. Wouldn't you know it, I just gave away all my wigs--to a friend who is having chemotherapy.

This all happened just before we were scheduled to take a business trip to New York City. We also had an NYC trip schedules in mid-October, 2004, when this happened to me the FIRST time. Whitley said, "Maybe we shouldn't plan any more New York trips."

But I plan to get well and take LOTS more of them. There are lots of OTHER places I want to go, too!

I was talking with a San Antonio friend on the phone and we both agreed on one thing: Having brain surgery is the PERFECT excuse not to do something.

"I'd love to come to your dinner party, but I can't--I'm having brain surgery."

"I'd love to take a meeting with you, but I can't: My wife is having brain surgery."

You can't beat that one!

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