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Arrow HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHIRLEY! - April 24, 2013 - Part 3 of 4

Following is an excerpt from my Encounter Board post of 9-28-01 (Relationships Forum):

Re: Cyber advice sought - Dan's reply to Alia, Part 1 of 2

Your Question:
Is she in a place in her life where she can accept your love and give as freely as you seem to want to give?

My Answer:
The love I offer is already hers, whether I ever stand before her and verbally speak the words, or not. She will feel the warmth of it and she will be strengthened and uplifted by the power of it, even if she never knows from whence it comes.

The love I speak of is on a much higher level than the love we usually see expressed on Earth. It comes from a much higher place.

I am capable of giving such love. I believe she is capable of receiving such love. Whether she chooses to return that love, to me or to someone else, is entirely up to her.

The love I offer is NOT the
kind of love.

It is NOT the
kind of love.

It is NOT the kind of love, the giving of which would in any way diminish my ability to continue to love myself and all of Creation. Rather, it INCREASES my ability to do so!

The love I give comes from my Higher Self: the God that is in me. It is very deep, and it is very real. From such a limitless source as this flows an endless supply of love of the highest quality. Indeed, the more of this love I send out, the more I receive back from God.

Following is an excerpt from my Encounter Board post of 10-24-01 (Relationships Forum):

Re: Cyber advice sought - Dan's answer to Alia's 9-29-01 post - Part 1 of 3

Now I will address your concern about feeling "the twinge of fear of rejection."

When I DO break the ice with Ruby (soon after I post this, as a matter of fact!), she might say, in a mildly disgusted tone, "Thanks, but NO thanks."

You want to know how I would react to something like THAT, right?

My dear, precious friend... I have grown far beyond such selfish concerns. Go back and read my previous posts. Take it all in.

I feel no twinge of fear of rejection with regard to this woman I care so deeply about. MY only concern is for HER feelings! I would be hurt or upset only if I caused HER any unpleasant feelings!

This is the DIFFERENCE between selfish, conditional love, and UNselfish, UNconditional love. This is the difference between carnal, superficial love, and spiritual, eternal love.

If I were to see her locked in a passionate embrace with a man or a woman who brought her happiness, I wouldn't react with a twinge of rejection or with jealousy. I would enfold both of them with a psychic hug, and silently thank the other person for loving her and for bringing her joy.

My love no longer originates from the carnal man. My love is now a higher self recognition of a soul I feel a deep spiritual affinity with. With or without me, HER happiness is my only concern. As long as I know SHE is happy, I will be just fine!

It is wrong to think that love comes from long companionship and persevering courtship. Love is the offspring of spiritual affinity and unless that affinity is created in a moment, it will not be created for years or even generations.
--Kahlil Gibran

With Ruby, this deep soul recognition happened through the phenomenon of psychometry. She gave me something with her energy on it, and I suddenly began to see her in an entirely different light. It blew me away!

I tried to deny this experience. I fought it for a long time. My rational mind argued with my higher self for months, but my higher self won.

I love this soul. I always have. (I'm aware of that now). I always will.

Here's what the poet Robert Burns wrote:

But to see her was to love her,
Love but her, and love forever.

Here's what I wrote:


But to hold an object once held by her
Was to feel the resonating vibrations
Of her life force left behind upon it.
The lingering essence of her living energy
Flowed from the object through my hands
And penetrated to the very core of me.
I became more AWARE of her
Than ever I had been before
Touching that which she had handled.

When next I beheld her, or listened to her speak,
I could see her clearly and for the first time
As the radiantly beautiful spirit she truly is.
Her inner beauty radiated from within to without
Until I beheld the entire woman as completely beautiful.
What I now could see in her deeply touched my heart.
I saw her as I had never seen her before.
Her every facial expression, her every movement,
Her every spoken word, became incredibly endearing to me.

And, her eyes! Now I could see the spirit
Within these wondrous windows of the soul.
The love and the light contained within those eyes
Was suddenly revealed to me with crystal clarity.
I had awakened at last to the breathtaking beauty
And divine depth within those enchanting eyes.
I felt a soul memory stirring from within
The very depths of me. I realized I KNEW her!
Sudden spiritual recognition sparked within my heart,
Along with a deep desire to be reunited with one
I felt I had known and loved in other times and places.

Though I denied and fought these feelings,
They could do naught but grow stronger.
"Society says there are too many years between us,"
I said to myself. "She has wealth while I have none,"
I agonized. "She is a captain of her industry
With many accomplishments," I rationalized.
My only real accomplishment in this incarnation
Is that I have finally learned how to love.
Yet I have learned to love truly,
Deeply, honestly, beautifully...
Can this not count for something in my favor?

The walls society chooses to erect
Between this woman and I are neither
Frightening nor insurmountable to me.
With her permission (and ONLY with her permission)
I can tear down any and all such walls.
We can tear them all down together!
Then, would I stand before her at last,
Eyes filled with love and arms willing
To enfold her at the slightest invitation
From her that communicated to me "Yes."

Copyright 2001 Daniel Deveron Baker
All rights reserved.


(Continued in Part 4 of 4)...
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