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Arrow HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHIRLEY! - April 24, 2013 - Part 1 of 4

Yesterday, after finishing my work shift and chores,
I posted your Happy Birthday Greeting on Facebook.
Then, I thought I would do the same thing on your
web site, I found out that I
couldn't post under my old membership, DanBaker,
so I re-registered with Independent Expressions (IE)
as Daniel Deveron Baker (just like on Facebook). I
say re-registered, because, years ago, I never could
sign in to my IE Account. I also never got one of my
orders. At the time, you and your staff were having
a lot of problems with busy schedules, web site bugs,
and people problems; so, out of love and consideration
for all of you, I never mentioned it. I only mention it
here in case you wonder why I never joined before. I
did! Things just didn't work out way back then, and I
soon became too busy with disabled and terminally ill
loved ones to do much online for a few years. I didn't
have the time nor the energy to pursue it. Please don't
give it another thought! (I really don't want to, either).
Anyway, Dear Heart, at some point last night, after I
ate my dinner, I fell asleep at the keyboard (as I often
do). When I woke up enough to function again, it was
no longer April 24th. So please forgive me for posting
this, my first post as a fully paid member, on April 25th!
FYI, I had 61 Posts, from 10-23-2000 to 4-24-2004, as
DanBaker. I never posted under any other identity on As of today, 04-25-2013, all my
new posts will be as Daniel Deveron Baker. Moving on...

This is what I posted yesterday on your Facebook Page:
If I still lived in Southern California, I would have
made the AFI Event tonight. I am a member! What
a treat it would have been, to spend the evening
with you AND Aurora! I had a local florist deliver
a Birthday Bouquet to the front desk for you. My
only wish is that those 24 perfect premium roses
added a special little something to the joy of your
evening. God bless you, Dear One! LOVE, LIGHT,
..And here's a little something to add LAUGHTER
to those wishes...

This is the song that goes with the Birthday Bouquet..
Misty Roses - Johnny Mathis

And, last but not least...

Do you remember your 2004 Birthday Scrapbook that
Brit put together for you? My post is #3...

2004-04-24 -
Birthday Posts for Shirley MacLaine

03-11-2004, 09:21 AM
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Send birthday wishes to Shirley

Itís a surprise!!!

I'm reasonably confident that she will not have time to look at the boards between now as she is in the middle of a very heavy production schedule for In Her Shoes. We are planning a surprise for her 70th birthday. We are creating a scrapbook filled with birthday wishes from the visitors and members of the community, as well as from her IE Radio guests. If you would like to carry it a bit further and briefly tell her what she means to you or what her site means to you, please do.

We need your birthday wishes as soon as possible as the book is already beginning to grow.

Anyone that would like to send birthday wishes to Shirley please address them to

I know she would love to hear from you!


Brit Elders


(Continued in Part 2 of 4)...
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To All Connected With
I send you powerful positive thoughts and prayers for
health, healing (as needed), happiness,
excitement, enlightenment, enjoyment,
success, satisfaction, security,
protection, prosperity,
love, light and laughter.
May God bless us each and every one! Amen!
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