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Hi Joanne (and others)!

I believe that at the time the comment was made in the book (David says it to Shirley), that she had just experienced a moment of true enlightenment, epiphany, euphoria, and at that moment of enJOYment, she began crying. Unfortunately, I do not have the book with me to reference right now to be sure. I believe Shirley asks the question of why she was crying in such a moment, and David responded with the hot sauce analogy.

In my yoga teacher training (in Santa Fe, thank you!), we studied the "subtle body" during the last week of intensives, and one exercise we did was to partner will another yogi and meditate on where in our body we felt any discomfort and to follow it. Many people--as did I and my partner--experience an energy moving throughout our body as if it were stuck. Upon further meditation and dropping into the moment and observing our stuckness without judgment, the energy would often release. What your partner would do is watch and observe your body while asking simple questions of "where it is now?" and "how does it feel now." Often, what you would find is that the energy would start to release itself through involuntary movements like eye twitching, but upon ultimate release of the stuckness, tears would spontaneously flow.

Viola--Hot sauce!

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