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Dear Hearts
so nice to see pictures of animals, companions loved friends.
I live now on a property near Young NSW, I rent a small cottage and all around me I have cattle that is raised by the owners.

The catlle is often moved acros the road to another place and I often see small culfs lost and calling to their mothers. In February I noticed that one culf was left behind while the cows were moved to onother side across the road. I spoke to the owner about it , he said that something was wrong with its leg so it can not move as fast as others and it will propably die. He said that he looses about 7 procent of cattle and he is not calling vet to asist them because they charge lots of money.

I am so sad for this culf who is such a great little one. I wached him every day and observe him. I took some water in backets to the tree where he likes to rest under.
I cry often as I feel so sory for this one welfere. I love this one so much I wish I could take care of him and hope that I win money so I can take him to vet.
I feel so helpless and I cant do anything as I dont want to be kiked out of this cottage.
Now there are some cows near him but he is lonely as none of cows wants to adopt him. We also had no rain and water in dams is almost dry the grass is dry and my little one is often near the dam trying to get some water but dificult to acess by him.
I ask for prayers that it will find strenght and love, he or she is such a great one but anfortunately he is called "7procent" in the eyes of the owners.
I will try to downoad the picture of him here. Loving you
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