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Default The Secret Lives of Plants and . . . a new topic to discuss

Well . . . this thread may be ready to move on to a new topic from Out on a Limb, but apparently the universe has decided that I am not. Today on the commute into the office, I "randomly" (yeah, right!) selected an Independent Expression Radio interview between Shirley and Cleve Backster. Whoa! Biocommunications of plants, plants being able to clearly sense *thoughts* of others, plants being able to distinguish between intention and pretense (I could really use that in my line of work! Perhaps I'll bring a plant to my next hearing!), and . . . Peter Tomkins' The Secret Life of Plants (referenced above in the original passage from Out on a Limb that I first underlined)! Okay, okay! I hear you, universe! I suppose the next step in following this journey is for me to rustle up a copy of Tomkins' book, eh?

Well . . . how 'bout we tackle another sentence that I underlined in Out on a Limb . . . much later in the book:


"Well, life is like hot sauce. As soon as you start enjoying it, it makes you cry."


Any thoughts/experiences you want to share on that little gem of wisdom?

namaste from the slowly drying yet still soggy Midwest,
"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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