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Over the years I've made a habit of checking these posts, usually after the period, to see if I can attribute the influences to events in my life. Altho sometimes I can't always readily place an incidence such as the Boston bombing because somethings happen seemingly outside the structure, I do find plenty of synchronicity.

Sometimes the level of metaphor or alternate meaning enters the reading for me which adds a whole new dimension of complexity for my individual interpretation. Following this concept a Good use of "waiting" periods might be an opportunity to practice a fast.

But let's not include Shirley in this because she needs to stuff herself with birthday cake.

This Hindu sect has a pleasant fasting regimen:

"As per Vaishnavism, for progressing in the Devotional path to Supreme Lord, the most important fasting days are that of 'Ekādashi'. Ekādaśī is very dear to Kṛṣṇa and is considered to be the 'mother of Devotion'. Typically, there are 2 Ekadaśī days in a month."

Foods that can be eaten on Ekādashi:

All fruits (fresh and dried)
All nuts and nut oils
Potatoes, cassava and sweet potatoes
Fresh ginger
Black pepper
Rock salt
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