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C H writes:
Dexter was a therapy dog . He died on his job last Tuesday.
When my friend CA F sent me a condolence note she mentioned the book she was reading: "Baltho". And then she stopped over and brought me the book. Consumed by my deep sadness, I was curious but afraid of more pain to read about a dog, still, something(maybe Dexter himself) told me to read it.
I am thankful for the comfort it gave me. Here was someone, telling so affectionately about their interwoven bond with the dog, about the connection with such a companion, and there even was a colleague confirming the so true intuition and skills of a therapy dog (which many practitioners dismiss as a sentiment of the therapist dog owner) .
But that was not all, something between the lines in the book curiously helped me. my experiencing of Dexter's transformation shifted.
Now I can allow myself to listen to the lessons and signs Dexter is teaching and showing me since his spirit left his mighty German Shepherd body. I am able to enter a new phase of his "presence" in my life.
(Even though it sucks so bad not to see him, step over him, feed him, stroke him, hear him bark).
So thank Baltho for making you write this book and accept my thank you for writing it. It came to me just when it had to .

With Kind Regards
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