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Default Meditation

Take 3 deep breaths.
Allow your energy to balance.
Feel the tension lift from your being.
Sit comfortably with your feet on the floor,
Arms relaxed by your side,
Palms upward and open.

Take 3 more deep breaths.
Inhale slowly through the nose.
Exhale slowly through the mouth.
Feel your shoulders relax.
Feel the ground you have to Mother Earth.

Now take one deep breath and hold it to a count of 7.
Exhale through the mouth slowly to a count of 7.

Visualize a spinning, sparkling white light surrounding you.
Feel its comfort.
This is the light of Divine Consciousness.

Know that you are a part of it.

Allow it to swirl up from the floor.
Feel the sensation it brings
To your feet,
Your legs,
Your torso,
Your shoulders,
Your head.

Allow it to swirl its Divine energy through your chakras
Beginning at the root or base…
See the red of the root chakra energized by the white light.

Keep breathing deeply.
Now move up and see the white light energy activate
The sacral orange chakra.
Feel your creativity touched by its energy.

Allow the white light to move up to the solar plexus.
Visualize the yellow of that chakra merging with the white energy.


Now bring the white energy up to the heart chakra.
Visualize the two colors sparkling with love.
Allow the white energy to release all emotional traumas.

As the white energy moves up to the throat chakra
You may feel a need to speak or cry
Allow that.
Let the white energy open your voice
And release any trauma.


Now move the white energy to your third eye.
This chakra is indigo.
See the sparkling energy of the two colors mingle.
Allow the white energy of the Divine
to balance your state of mind and state of being.

Now bring the white energy to the crown chakra,
Which is violet.
This is your connection to the Divine.
Allow that energy to surround you,
Cleanse all fear,
Balance any imbalance,
And strengthen your connection to the Divine.


Feel all of your bodies…
And spiritual
Resonate with each other.
Feel the balance you have brought to your entire being.

Rest with that a moment.

Know that you are connected to the Divine.
Know that you are a part of it
And it is a part of you.
Know that you exist within the harmony
And balance
That you create.

Own that.

Feel your connection.
Keep that energy in your whole being.
It is yours.
Love & Light,
Shirley & Terry & Buddy Bub & Trixie Harmony
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