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Default farm box recipes

Certainly! I borrowed it from the New York Times:

Included in our farm box were a number of celeriac bulbs (a.k.a. celery root), which is a local Midwestern spring (and maybe fall, too?) vegetable. It has been a new experience for me to cook with these fellas, but thankfully, I've got a cookbook printed in Madison, WI, and designed for eating fresh and locally in the Midwest, that has an entire chapter on celeriac! How many cookbooks can boast earning that stripe? So far, I've made a lovely potato/celeriac soup and a scrumptious potato/celeriac/blue cheese salad. It seems that this vegetable is best in the supporting role (usually of a potato) rather than the lead, but I could be wrong?

If any of you have recipes or suggestions on the use of the humble (and if you've ever seen one of these jobbies, you know why I say "humble") celeriac, I would absolutely love to have them! I am attaching a photo of what my sister-in-law has done with her celeriac so far since we shared one of ours with her. LOL!

namaste from the soggy midwest,
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