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Nice meeting you, too! And call me steph. "Norma Rae" is just a pet pseudonym I use on occasion.

Wow, that's a shocking story about the wildflower poachers at Mt. Rainer. I've seen similar disregard on occasion in the Smokies--usually young adults who have forgotten how to respect nature (and have not yet rediscovered that lost compassion). And let's not even get started on corporations wrecking havock on the natural resources and pure essence of this Earth (said the woman who just drove 2 hours to get to work! *sigh*). Or maybe we should? . . .

Yesterday and this morning during my horrid commute to the office, I listened to two really inspirational conversations on the environment between Shirley and Forest Guardians Executive Director Susan Trixier and the other between Shirley and Kuki Gallmann. Both were just wonderful and are certainly a continuing conversation of Shirley's initial question in Out on a Limb: "Do plants have emotions?" Traffic was so brutal today, that I was able to write down a few thoughts from Kuki related to this topic:

"Listen to the voice of the Earth, the plants, the trees."
"Plants have many secrets."

The ancients certainly knew this; poets and artists know this; beings from other planets and solar systems--I am certain--know this; people from less industrialized countries than ours must know this; the shaman knows this. We've forgotten, but at least it seems that some of us are trying desperately to remember the thing(s) we've forgotten. What is it that we've forgotten? The feminine? The yin? That we are all energy and all connected?

Should we continue this conversation or switch gears to another line or two from Out on a Limb?

namaste from the soggy midwest!
"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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