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Hi Norma, I loved your advice about reading Rumi and Yeats to my little plant. Since I love reading poetry anyway, this is right up my alley. I will let you know the results.
I know of the IE interview that you speak of. I have to say that I , also, would have an extremely hard time plucking wildlife flowers. Years ago, my husband and I were hiking on Mt. Rainer and came across a meadow of exquisite flowers. All kinds and colors--it was breathtaking! Well, there were two woman ahead of us that felt the need to gather some for themselves. For what purpose, I'm not sure. They were probably wilted by the time they reached the bottom of the mountain. That has always stayed with me because it bothered me so much. Sometimes beauty is just meant to be enjoyed and not owned.
Nice to meet you here, by the way!
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