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Default harvesting wildflowers?!

Alright . . . before I get wrapped up in my storyline of a work life here, I have to say that on the (long!) commute into the office, I was listening to an archived Independent Expression Radio show where Shirley was talking to Rebecca Skeele about co-creation. She--Skeele--was giving advice about using the essence of flowers as a way of opening the heart, the chakras, and moving from the "story" life to an "intentional" life. I like the sound of that, but when Shirley started asking her the practical questions for an individual, for example, living in the city--what's a city gal to do? Go to the local florist and choose the flower that resonates most vibrantly to her? No, said Skeele, ideally go out into the wilderness and choose flowers from there.


Excuse me? Harvest wildflowers?! This is where I put the brakes on in the conversation. While they did not address this fundamental problem in the conversation, I think we could talk about it here. Harvesting wildflowers? As a lover of nature, the wilderness, our national parks--especially the Smoky Mountains which have the most variety of species of wildflowers in North America--I am pretty shocked at the idea of stripping wildflowers from their home so that I can soak up their essence for my own personal use. It kind of sends shivers up my spine even typing that.

So . . . if you cannot go to a florist (and I understand the complicated ethics of flowers in a flower shop--have you seen the documentary Love, Women, and Flowers?! Most flower shop flowers/plants have had such a tragic life imbued with violence imposed upon them and the women in the factories!) and you cannot harvest wildflowers (thank goodness!), where do you get your flower essence from? . . .

I suppose one obvious answer is that we must grow our own flowers--as we should our food we consume as well, eh?

Any thoughts out there on, to coin a phrase from Shirley this morning, our petal people?

Alright...into the story work day I go!

"I wasn't going to spend my life doing what had already been done." - Georgia O'Keeffe
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