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Hello Joanne, I don't know anything horticulturally speaking about bamboo, but emotionally/spiritually, you may want to try reading some Rumi and W.B. Yeats to (or at least in the presence of) your little bamboo plant. In particular, poems with the reed flute image--it abounds in Rumi's poetry and may inspire the little fella to achieve its true poetic potentiality, as Deepak Chopra might say. W.B. Yeats had that durn reed flute imagery running around in many of his poems, too--I argued in graduate school that Yeats was quite influenced by the mysticism of Sufism, etc. (not really a controversial thesis). If the poetry does not lift your bamboo's spirits, it will certainly enrich yours and maybe conjure up a dead poet or two in your midst during the reading! "Not a bad way to spend a Friday night, eh?"

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Namaste and two hands together from the melting Midwest,
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