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Hello! So glad I got some company here!

Thank you so much for posting that story about the hopfields, Lura. Now, did the story tell you which hops made the best beer? You'd think the rock-n-roll field would hold claim to that, but perhaps not. And that is hilarious that the talk show field hops shriveled up and died. They must have not been playing Shirley MacLaine interviews! :-) I'm going to have to do some research and try to find that story. I'd love to listen to/read/watch it.

And I may have a cousin of Fred's . . . let me tell you the story of this yet unnamed cactus . . . my dear friend Anita died suddenly at the age of 37 a few years ago (fell off a golf cart, of all things!) . . . in addition to me, Anita had two other very close friends, and we were all friends in graduate school. The trio of us each now protect 1/3 of Anita's music, books, and plants--one was this crazy cactus from which each of us took one tiny cutting (one is in Florida, one in TN, and mine in Chicago). I'm attaching a photo here of the current status of this thing. I'm not sure what the heck it thinks it is doing, but it seems to be having some fun. Anyway, each cutting has grown into a completely different looking creature. Mine is in my basement yoga room and is surrounded by Anita's books and music. It gets a healthy dose of regular incense, morning meditation, jazz music, Shirley interviews, and gets to watch me routinely practice yoga. Perhaps all those different stimulations has given this plant the courage to follow its own true bliss--which is a bit nutty. I am inspired each time I breathe and sit with it.

I've got other spiritual plant questions, but will save them for later.

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