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Okay, gosh dang it, you are right, Steph .... I am jealous!! Having read OAL for the first time decades ago (same year as your mom, probably!), I can still recall the astonishment of one "AHA!" moment after another as I rapidly devoured the pages.

I have loved Shirley MacLaine and her (at the time) "radical, woo-woo" opinions ever since; she feels like a kindred spirit, and I believe that all of us here, who landed at - and stay at - this site are probably in the same soul group. Hence, that makes us family!

Plants have emotions? Well, DUH!! Yes, of course plants can feel!! I heard a fascinating report a number of years ago on PBS -- someone did a study on three different fields of hops in England. In one field, they played rock 'n roll music continuously; in another, a talk show; and in the last, relaxing classical or chamber music. I can't remember the exact degrees of difference, but I do recall that the hops 'nurtured' by the soft, non-verbal music grew faster and straighter and healthier than the other two fields. The talk show hops finished a pathetic third -- in fact, many of the plants shriveled up and died.

Oh, and for years and years and years I had a crazy snake plant named Fred, which I'd bought at a church fair for probably 25 cents when he was just a teeny little snip of a thing in a palm-size flower pot. However, Fred was like the plant in "Little Shop of Horrors" --- he grew and grew and grew CONSTANTLY; God alone knows why. I kept enlarging Fred's pots, until finally I had to have them custom made. By the time I moved to the convent, I'd had Fred for about 25 - 30 years, he'd adjusted to six major physical moves and he was still healthy as a horse. He now has a room of his own in a former neighbor's home on Peaks Island, where I hear he continues to flourish.

Oh! And it anyone has a plant that is a tad droopy? If possible, put it near - preferably on top of, your tv set or radio. Plants DEFINITELY pick up outside energy and respond to it!! Guaranteed - your plant will perk up in no time (providing you are tuned into a favorable channel!)

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