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Default BJ and Brit

Dearest, gentle BJ

What a privilege it has been to be touched by your love and light. Thank you! May your path thru the veil be one of peace and joy as you join Harris on a new journey together. Surrounding you with loving energies for the highest good, and wrapping my arms around you with love…

the Night descends upon us,
and gently tucks us in before we sleep …


in keeping with the continuous flow of Life,
how Radiantly does It spill over
into the brilliance of Day

until It merges once again …
never ending …

Peace to you Brit and family,
during this time of BJ's transition

Keeping you all in my thoughts and sending peaceful energies to provide what each needs during this time for the highest good.

With much Love and warm (((HUGS)))
Blessed Be,
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