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Excellent question, Joanne, and helpful responses, Rick & Chi. I've long been intrigued by the subtle power of synchronicity ~~ I think I really started to pay attention to it when I was in my 30's and synchronistic happenings seemed to unfold over and over in my life. Most of them, upon reflection, were of great significance to my life at the time --- and were of a "warning" nature .... like "follow this suggestion/person/goal/whatever" and "don't go there!"

I think the key is to pay attention and follow your gut instinct or "Higher Power" and not shrug off a synchronicity as just an odd, chance event. Reading Shirley MacLaine's books were a huge wake-up call for me during those 'searching' years, and I'll be eternally grateful for her plopping into my path at exactly the right time!

God bless us all as we continue our searching!!

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