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Originally Posted by sisterlura
Just want to say how much I appreciated April's newsletter, Shirley. Thank you!

I plan to implement your creative uses for honey immediately.

And I have a Peace Plant in my office ~~ I was told that the tips of the leaves turn black and brittle because that's the accumulated toxins the plant's collected.

Amazing. I would love to know more about the benefits of domestic plants ~ anyone know if there's an IE interview in the archives that addresses this??


Hi Lura,
i went thru the archives for you and could find anything
specifically on domestic plants. But these two shows below
may dabble a bit on the subject of plants and the environment.

Cleve Backster March 18 2007

Kuki Gallman Nov 24 2002

i remember them both.

Click on "Our Community" on the top tool bar
then click on "Weekly IE Radio Show"
and then to the left, click on "Weekly IE Radio Show" again.
A menu for each year will appear to the left.
Click on the corresponding year and then scroll down to the date.

((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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