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Hi Joanne,

From a Jungian psycho-spiritual perspective, synchronic events occur when "we are on the right path" to wholeness, or what Jung termed as the process of individuation. When we allow a dialog with our unconscious selves to occur without letting the conscious ego dominate, threaten or sublimate the inner energies, 'magic' seems to happen. The language of the psyche is imagery, and symbol from which the meanings in synchronic events are derived. It's like receiving an email that comes with an attachment to download that happens to be the real message or gift. And when the ego trusts the gift, such as taking advantage of the personal meeting with the friend you read about, therein lies the "alchemical gold."

In this way, the ego learns to follow these synchronic events from one to the next, noticing the times when they stop happening in order to have the opportunity to make a course correction along the way.

Happy journey!


"Sometimes you think you've lived before, all that you live today. Things do come back to you as though they knew the way. Oh, the tricks your mind can play." - Lorenz Hart
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