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Default April 6, 2013

Oh my dear lovely friends, what a wonderful day I have just experienced! Ahhhh, it has been a beautiful spring day with a bountiful south wind a blowing. Ah, but Sean and I were cushioned from that wind by the plentiful 8' bushes that spread themselves along our path on our way to the "Waffle House". What a joy it was to push Sean in his wheelchair down this beautiful tree filled lane. The temp was in the high 70's, a beautiful spring day. We were laughing all along the way until we got to the street where we had to make a right and go for a little distance to get to the Waffle House. I told Sean our Guardian Angel, PJ, would protect us from the traffic, and so he he did and always does.

Now, can you imagine, this is the first time that Sean and I are out of the environment of a nursing/rehab facility and we are "free", so to speak. As I pushed his wheelchair towards the "Waffle House" and he assisted me with his hands upon the wheels going over some obstacles along the way, it was our joined efforts that got us safely there. We were laughing through this new experience, knowing that we would make it come what may. One never considers all of the obstacles that are in place for a wheelchair occupant. But together, we overcame them with immediate ease and we found ourselves sitting at a table in the "Waffle House".

We ordered a wonderful meal of eggs, waffles, ham and sausage and loved every bite we experienced. We talked of how long it had been since we have experienced a meal together out in a restuarant. But the most important thing was that we were "free". I know that most would not understand that but we were, for the first time, "free', on our own, not administered by a facilities attention. We had signed out and we were out and free of our own accord. And we had a beauritul time.

After our wonderful meal, we then began our trek back to the facility which involves about a 3 block trek back with a slight incline, so it was a mutual effort to get there. I began to feel my hamstrings a burnin' and I knew this was exactly what I needed to be doing. As well, Sean was feeling some heat in his shoulders as he pumped the wheels. It was lovely as we strove together to make our way back.

And then, we got to our car and Sean wanted to check out our car. This was a very special moment as I said, "Okay, while we are here, I will check out the fluids in the car and you can help me." So, we did just that. It really was a "real" experience of sharing in that vehicle maintenance thing which I have had to do alone throughout this time, but not today, Sean was with me and we had a great time putting in a little coolant and oil in our sweet vehicle that has blessed us with transportation throughout this time.

Sean said it made him feel useful again. And I told him that, doing it together made it simple and sweet. Yes, he was sitting in a wheelchair and directing me and cautioning me to be careful. It was a very sweet moment of sharing. We made another "memory"!

All in all, every moment is unique, distinct and beautiful in its own. I feel so grateful for every moment in each day that I am able to spend with my wonderful son.

Thanking you all for your continued participation in our healing journey.

Love, Deb
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