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Originally Posted by Brit
Join Shirley & Dr. Murray Susser, MD, Sunday, March 31, for a discussion about living longer, healthier lives.

Learn more about Dr. Susser here:

Sunday, March 31, 6 PM PDT - 9 PM EDT


Well i finally had some time to listen to IE today
i especially liked what Dr Susser had to say about
the two extremely opposing views on the intake of
calcium; that he suspected the answer to be some
where in the middle. It was a thought that transcended
the conversation in my mind at that moment to encompass
almost every conceivable thing in life. Nothing in excess;
everything in moderation. And what he had to say about
sugar. How sugarcane is only 20% sugar. So once again
(elluding to excess) sugar is bad for us because it has
been extracted and conscentrated in a way that nature
never intended it to be.
i also found his prescribed diet interesting; mostly protein
and fiber with one's carbohydrates coming from broccoli
and brussel sprouts (trees and heads; my father used
to call them when i was a little kid) and cauliflower and
beans.. i didn't hear one starch. Is that because starches
turn to sugar and we have enough sugar from other things?
i am compelled to research that more.
What he had to say about magnesium really resonated
with me. More magnesium; less calcium and it would
make the calcium more absorbable. (By the way,
Dark Chocolate is a great source of magnesium. i eat
half a bar daily). i believe he said " D " helps with
absorption of calcium as well.
Great show SM. Very informative. If i lived in LA, i
just might go see him; this Dr Susser.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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