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Kenny Loggins

Clint Holmes

Carol King

James Taylor

Seals & Croft
Forever like the rose -
I suppose... that's the way to be;
Fresh and ever growing -
always showing lots of beauty to the world.
I know it's not an easy task, all I ask
is that you try. Try for me.
Be like the flower within it's hour of final glory.
Open up and let the sunshine touch your heart
and show the world what you can be if you are free;
free to grow, free to grow forever like the rose.
The rose is worn above the heart;
the symbol of it's love is showing, growing in the park,
a secret for a lover's knowing
The centerpiece of life will always be unfolding it's cardinal petals
For the dew of children's tears to grow a new rose.
Forever like the rose, oh, forever like the rose
Forever like the rose -
I suppose... that's the way to live
strong and ever giving, always living with a purpose and a goal
to blossom day to day, then someday to fade away
Forever like the rose.

~ Seals & Croft ~

((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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