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Default No Gmo Alfalfa - Stand With Farmers In Toronto - April 9

Next week, in front of St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, CANADA, I will be attending a gathering in support of Canadian Farmers who do NOT want the GMO - Alfalfa Crop to be planted this year. As you know, as a crop matures and produces it's own pollen, seeds, etc., GMO plant material drifts onto non-GMO fields. Then, Monsanto can go after non-GMO farmers and 'fine' them for 'using' Monsanto 'seeds'.

The rest is obvious. Eat as much locally grown organic produce as possible. Grow your own, or find a local farmer to buy from. Share a weekly 'vegetable box' in season with a friend or a neighbor. Learn to can your own tomatoes. Do not purchase processed food products. For example, I just learned Heinz Ketchup is GMO; out goes the Heinz Ketchup in my fridge. Here, the buying power of the consumer can have a major impact. Make your own health toothpaste, fluoride-free with baking soda - recipes online, etc. etc.

GET POLITICAL. Call your local government representatives - are they representing your best interests when it comes to food safety? If not, SPEAK UP. Our lives are at stake - yesterday read another piece on GMO products - they are possibly designed to 'silence' the human genome. In other words, GMO is not just about making money. It's about getting rid of the 'useless eaters'.

Namaste, Andrea

Andrea Hansen
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