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Now we had to learn about the wisdom of the hearing sense. In the beginning we were not able to tell from where the sound came. When we closed our eyes, it was as if we were flowing around in a cosmic color sound wave, like a large sea of millions of color units where we could swim using the mental energy of the senses. It was intoxicating to feel how each color symphony flowed through our organs to exactly the place where we needed it. I felt as if a tidal wave went through my liver and my kidneys, cleansing them in a soft and continuous stream and filtering my cells while the color wave carried all the waste products away. The colors were reddish-brown changing to yellow-orange. Quietly I let the light stream bathe me and take me through the cleaning process. I noted that another color wave went through my crown chakra slowly, flowing through the three centimeter hollow canal and out through the root chakra in a spectacle of lilac and Celeste blue. Afterwards, the colors went up through the root chakra and out through the crown chakra in a giant sea of light containing all the colors of the rainbow, ending up in translucent, white colors. I felt completely cleaned in this spectrometric color light and so humble that I forgot to breathe. The colors here had such luminosity, such high vibrations that it made me realize the close connection of colors, sounds, light and energy. In the future we can be healed with light and colors. It is truly incredible how everything relates, how our bodies and organs are connected with the cosmic whole. In the future, we will be using the color shades of the universe much more than now. The use of crystal singing bowls have the same healing effect. Their sinus high sound vibrations lead cosmic color sound waves down in the same way, penetrating a person with the healing, vibratory power of colors in sound wave frequencies, each individual receiving the color scale needed by the various organs. It was difficult to “divide” the energy. After a while we could hear different “tonings” and noted their effects on our chakras. We saw how the change that took place in the brain sent impulses to the various centers, depending on how the organs and emotions reacted to the tones. They cleaned and sent streams of joy through the whole body. It was a solace for the soul to hear these divine, musical oscillations. Sad thoughts were removed very fast. The crystalline, high tones were in such high octaves that it was like “hearing the angels singing”. They were like twinkling bells flowing down the spine, loosening the possible cell blockages while at the same time emitting the entire color play of all the shades of lilac. It was so impressive, it made me breathless.

If we pressed a button, thousand different scents came in. That started something else. You could see how all the cells changed to a lighter frequency. It gave vitality and joy of life, a feeling that you could embrace the whole world. Love flowed in and out of all chakras - not only in the heart - it was impossible to keep anything back. The positive deposits bubbled with a resonating happiness and the thoughts danced around in your head. It was hard to keep all the ideas and creative thoughts in. The palette was full of colored pictures of the wisdom. It was exciting to smell something unknown and notice the different images appearing in your mind.

Love yourself first, then you can love others.

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