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The Cosmic Egg

My friend looked me into the eyes: “Let us go and sit in the cosmic egg”. It was situated in the middle of the room, about twenty-five meter in diameter, three meters high, half a meter thick, made of massive lilac crystal. Liquid silicone flowed in the cavity between the outside and the inside walls of the egg with all kinds of movements. It reminded me of something, I could not remember what. I knew that I had seen it once. I kept watching the movements, impressed by the way they flowed into each other. It was very soothing.

Excitedly we sat down in small, comfortable deckchairs with some sort of a heating blanket over us. Now it was up to us to enjoy it.

We were going on a trip to the Milky Way, which is a kind of spiral galaxy. This is where Earth belongs. The Andromeda galaxy is the closest neighboring galaxy. The Milky Way consists of about two hundred billion stars, more than enough to visit.

A flowing television screen covered the wall, all the way around, making us feel that we were moving about in the universe. It was fantastic. We started with a kaleidoscopic, color spectrometric sound filter. At the same time, we heard cosmic music, it was as if the sound moved through the light sparks of the bio-mass and was registered through the kaleidoscope’s reflection of the cosmic energy. The vibrations of the crystal particles rose to higher octaves, emitted in sound waves. It was magnificent, almost indescribable. There was a panel with innumerable buttons, giving insight to various planets.

This was not the purpose of our visit, however. We had to activate the color scale in the cabin so that we could feel how the filters of our senses opened. Each sense had its own register of emotions, each with different vibrations. We had just learned about the smelling sense in the Valley of the Lilies, how the high octaves flowed into the cells and healed the negative deposits.
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