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Default Teleseminar: The Eagle's Vision

In a "broken link" of the Sierra Nevada mountains, located in Colombia, live a group of people who remain untouched by the modern world. The Coki (sp?) select shamans from infancy who go into a cave where they spend nine years receiving teachings directly from the Great Mother. If, after nine years they are not ready, they return to live in the caves for another nine years.

The time has come, they say, to teach "big brother" (us) because we "haven't got it right" and the Mother wants us to learn.

The Center for Sacred Studies is hosting a weekly teleseminar that can be accessed (like IE radio) once the broadcast has been made on a website. during one week of the seven week teleseminar, the Coki people will appear in person to speak to listeners and viewers. They have never allowed their teachings to be recorded this way in the past.

Starts April 10th, 5:30 PM/PT
Cost $230 for the entire 7 week seminar

for more info:


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