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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant sensed within the perimeter of her existance, another.
So long had The Big Elephant been alone, that when another came into
Her energy, she was point on.
Now, she stood solidly, holding her ground and simply waited, aware.

Within this waiting she sensed a tenderness of care that was directed.
Not only towards her but to everyone within the scope of the giver's range.
She was seemingly amused by this initially and smiled at the energy she felt.
Then, she moved forward into the melding and ask of the intent.

As the wave of her asking made contact, so then she felt the wave of answer come back...
She swayed then in the motion of the energy that made her swell within herself.
She rocked then like the big giant that she was and she owned it, the knowing that is.

That was it!!! The "knowing" had come to be. The knowing had come to replace the belief. Because the knowing gave notice of the experience that got the one from belief to knowing. Yes, "Knowing" comes from the "Experience".

The Big Elephant then was thrilled and she raised her trunk and let out a huge trumpet of BEING!!!!!!!! Can you hear it now?

Can you hear it now? BEING!!!!! Within the experience!!!

"Now, I know", said The Big Elephant.....

Love, Deb
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