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Default Bingo!

We had a great time! And I had so much help. I learned the Bingo Lingo for sure. There's a lot in calling Bingo in that you have to find the right rythym and timing. You can't be too slow and you can't be too fast. But as I worked it, I think I got the best timing going on. After talking to Sean what most people want from a Bingo game, we chose to play for quarters. But then, a resident came up and gave me a five dollar bill for the last game - black out. And low and behold, Sean won the Black Out. So, that was kind of funny. There is no way to cheat at Bingo, it is what it is. ahahahha!

Anyway, we all had a great time. Dorothy came to assist me, her son has been there for seven years. Both of which are very wonderful light filled people. We are having a very wonderful experience in our new place. And it is so close to home. Certainly loving that two minute trip home for me. And Sean says he feels good knowing that I am just two minutes away. So, all in all, everything is majorly good.

Tomorrow, Sean gets to go to a movie theater on a field trip. He is looking forward to that and so am I for him. He is just getting in the groove of where he is now. Lots to do and lots of great people.

As always, thanking you all so very much for joining us in this wonderful journey. we certainly are finding the joy in every moment and realizing that it is the simple things that mean so much in our everyday life. Finding comfort in our everyday is the mainstay in life.

Our wish to you is to find your mainstay in everyday.

Love you all,

Deb and Sean
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