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Default brings back memories!!!

First of all, am adding my prayers to the others for Martha and Peter.

And also thinking ..... good Lord, I haven't played Bingo in decades! I used to volunteer-call at a nursing home and loved it! Cracked me up, all the little golden oldies (as we young 'uns irreverently called the senior citizens --- dang, of which I myself am now probably one!) would toddle into the large rec room with the aid of their zimmers and what-not, and lay out on the table all their special little good luck talismans, cystals and gizmos. There was one dear little squinch (ie, sweet apple-faced grandma) named Myrtle who used a little troll with purple hair as her charm. I always rooted for her to win -- her hair almost matched her troll's, lol, and I thought that showed a lot of faith and courage on her part!

Am sure that Deb and Peg will have some wonderful stories to share as time goes by!

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