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Default Deb

Hey, am joining the others in surrounding Peter and Martha
with loving healing energies for their highest good.

Sounds like Bingo was a hoot yesterday. Glad they enjoyed
all the different games. Once I get there and get unpacked
(oy vey), I'll inquire if the facility residents would be interested
in viewing DVDs. As you know (thanks to our Canadian friend,
Choc), I have 100s of DVDs, from old time black n whites to
some fairly recent ones. Oh yeah, and maybe Sean can refresh
your memory on how to play the keyboard again LOL He can
tickle those keys pretty good. Once you're up to snuff, he can
accompany you with his new blue guitar Maybe I should
invest in a bubble machine like Lawrence Welk used to have hahaha

Glad the prosthetic folks are keeping on top of things for Sean. It
will be wonderful once that is in place.

Talk to ya tonight...
Love...Sweet Pea
Blessed Be,
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