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Smile Hi

Hi all my lovely friends

When we use our spirituality, we can feel in another way like we are connected to a special vibration.....when I am thinking of you I automatically raise my energy and sixth sense,...and then I feel a strong connection with all of you,..when I think of one of you,..i feel another energy in another vibration..could be our brain waves differences make a bio-energetic touch LOL, I don't know if you can "following" me in this...but that's the way we live and use our spirituality... more and more, in our daily will be a "normal" lifestyle..

Remote another form to be in, to use our own way of spiritual behaviour ,over time if we like..can we exercise the consciousness abilities to work with more and more what ever we do its flow in harmony,...with our physically body.

.my thoughts for the day..have a Great day all of you.
Love yourself first, then you can love others.

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