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Default Hi, Deb and Wolfdog.

All this good news just makes my day. How sweet of you, Deb, to call bingo for the people in the residence. I can just see all of you. It will be a lot of fun for everyone. The Dollar Tree is a great idea. Just a little something for winning is all folks want anyway. It's playing the game that is fun, and being around other happy people.

Let me join in wishing Martha and Peter well. Sending love and light to the all of you.

Such great news about Sean. I am so happy the move worked out well. It had to. You have really established a pattern of ever-upward movement. It's just a matter of a short time before Sean is home with you. I am looking forward to that day. Also looking forward, as Wolfdog said, to hearing and seeing you play the piano. What a good time that will be!

Have a lovely weekend, my dear friend, and enjoy your bingo. Wish I was there with you. Love, C.
HAND, Cher O.

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