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This is what I think will happen. God will send an Archangel who will take an asteroid from the asteroid belt. The angel will pitch the asteroid at a UFO which will be controlling a huge energy like a baseball bat. The first asteroid pitched to the UFO after it swings the energy beam it will miss. God will say strike one. The next asteroid the angel pitches the UFO will hit it will head toward the earth but it will fly past the north pole and not hit the earth. This will be a foul. The third asteroid that the angel pitches to the UFO will be hit and fly to the earth. It will hit the super volcano in the Azores. God will yell home run.

I will be sitting at the kitchen table in Maine with my eyes closed. Repeating the words plant breeders. The tsunami created by the asteroid will wash over the house killing me. I will still have my eyes closed repeating the words plant breeder. I will be on the other side with eyes closed still repeating plant breeder. Shaken by the whole ordeal I will feel a person and hear a voice telling me that you are safe now and can open your eyes. From having read the Tibetan Book of the Dead I will be too afraid to and keep repeating plant breeder. The voice will say there are people who want to meet you. I will refuse. Eventually the voice gives up on me and I am led to place like a giant airport terminal. The place will be full because so many people will have died from the tsunami. I will still have my eyes closed repeating plant breeder. Somebody will be directing into a line giving me a folder. With my eyes still closed I sense I am in a long line of people. Eventually the people in front of me are gone as I make my way to a desk with a woman who is taking people's folders and reading them and then stamping them and saying next. Because my eyes are closed someone is directing me. When I am at the desk I hear the person directing me this is a difficult case as the folder in my hand is given to the woman. The woman opens the folder and starts reading aloud. Gay male with self-esteem issues did poorly in school had trouble with mother learning to trust and find strength in his feminine side, working on karma from three different lifetimes specifically from a lifetime in China as a male wrestler. This is interesting it says an Evangelical Christian with a Pleadian Influence. He is allso a member of Shirley Maclaine's website. The woman says it looks like you are qualified for a healing lifetime. Well a ship has just come bringing souls from Sirius to help the Earth at this time. There is several opening for the return flight back to Sirius. He could be born on a aquatic planet that is a high vibration. No my helper says he wants to be born on Earth. My eyes are still shut and I keep repeating the word plant breeder. The woman checks a computer device. This might be difficult she says. There are fewer openings in post apocolyptic Earth. I found an opening that might be suitable. Female in Santa Cruz to semi dysfunctional couple with three children. Life will be harder than our previous lifetime. You will have self-esteem issues which could be lessened if chose to go to Sirius for a healing lifetime. Looking at the computer she says their someone named Richard who you will meet in your next lifetime. It says he has unresolved karma with you. I hear her stamp several papers and hand the folder to my helper. She says take him to gate 8 and then yells next.
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