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Thank you, Wolfdog, for joining me in praying for Martha and Peter.

Sean's Prosthetic Company called him today and said they were working on funding through another charity that might come through faster than the 3 - 6 months of The Limbs for Life. So, that was uplifting for him.

He is continuing to work out his upper body and I must say the results are already showing. I've never seen his shoulders so "big" nor his arms. Just amazes me. He is loving it and really loving everything where he is now. I am so grateful that we made this move. It has been so positive for the both of us. And yes, it is just 2 minutes from home!!!

Well, I will be calling Bingo on Saturday! Ya'll come on down and join us. Isn't that a hoot??? Everybody is so excited to have a weekend "Bingo Caller". I'm looking forward to it.

Hope you all are being blessed in your lives everyday.

Love, Deb
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