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Default THANKFUL to have found your site.

Hi I'm new, and my name is Nicole Noelle, Nikki is preferred. My work has been with with them, educating the public about them, along with doing rescue work for them. They are counted as one of my greatest teachers, in teaching me how to be more human (humane) and giving a different kind of awareness to my spiritual growth.

Years ago, in the late 80's, I was privileged to have been in Shirley's seminar, and afterwards help out with a couple of seminars as a volunteer. What brought me to Shirley's seminar was a NDE that opened my world to needing to understand "this world" we live in more. It seemed the other world that I crossed over into, was far more familiar to me by quantum leaps.

Not only did Shirley's seminar open my understanding of how to navigate through this earthly world, but I met people that I carried throughout my life in a very special way because of the special seminar I attended. It's taken me years to find a way to say to you, "thank you for where your teachings have guided me to go, for never being a guru, but being an incredible teacher, for teaching me that everything I need to know, I have to trust is within me....and finally thank you Shirley, for all the thank you's that I have in my heart, my mind and my soul, that I fail to have the pages to express for all that I have learned from you"

With love in the light and gratitude,
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