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Default 2nd time around

alright . . . i listened to this interview for a second time on the way to/from work today. the first time through, i believe i was too distracted by dr. maurie's conversation technique, which is marvelous for a therapist/psychotherapist and even teacher. that technique is leaving long, pregnant silent spaces. such a wonderful gift to have if you are a teacher or therapist as it allows your student/patient to find the answers as they arise from their inner Selves. and i think both dr. maurie AND shirley have this gift! when the two attempt to have an interview or conversation with each other . . . well, the result is . . . interesting--technique wise only.

i must say, that the second time i listened to the interview, i focused much less on the technique and more on content. and, of course, it was a lovely conversation content wise!

but, shirely, i truly loved the spontaneous laughter and spunk of the final 10 minutes or so of the interview when you asked if his voice sounded like it sounded in your conversation when he gave lectures and the multiple other spontaneous moments of laughter/spunk on your part right there at the end of the interview. he was a good sport, though. very thoughtful and loving on both of your parts.

just after listening to the interview (for the 2nd time) on my way home today from the ol' local union hall, i stopped to pick up some indulgent dinner grub for the family and sat waiting for my order while reading Out On A Limb (amazingly, i have never read this book but am intimately familiar with many of the books referenced in it--the bhagavad gita, the rig veda, etc.--actually, i believe as a young child, i was actually introduced to Out On A Limb by my mother, but it was pulled out from under me when that same mother went through a "religious" experience...but i digress) i was reading passages from Out On A Limb, and there were multiple references in the few pages i read there at the bar of living in the now, expansion of consciousness, reincarnation, and the fact that everything is/was happening now....very much similar to the conversation shirley and dr. maurie were engaged in yesterday evening.


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