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Great interview. i found it to be quite relaxing and yet at
the same time highly charged. Orange! Orange! Orange! Ha!
It activated my radar; that's for sure. i think it was the
quiet space between the thoughts that made the thoughts
more tangible. i remember hearing once that the great
orators or our time are the ones who pause between thoughts.
President Obama for example always leaves space
between his statements. Martin Luther King and FDR
were quite eloquent at it as well.
On the subject of there being only NOW. i've always loved
your boat analogy Shirley... and his splitting of holograms
into equal whole holograms was a great way to illustrate
everything happening all at once also.
There was a dream i had that i posted in Dreams some
time back which helped me to see it further: opened shoebox appeared within the darkness of my
mind with two slats that were dividing the space within the
shoebox into three equally sized compartments.
And as i was staring at this shoebox, a hand reached down
from some high place and it removed the two slats and
i was staring into the same shoebox that now had no
compartments. i had an epiphany the next morning:
The three compartments are past, present and future.
And when the illusionary walls that divide them are removed;
well... Ha! There is only the moment. Everything happening
within the moment.
We see the moment as a very tiny thing; the minute fragment
of an hour... of a day... of a year...but (the cosmic joke here)
(the cosmic reality) is that it's quite the opposite. It's within the
moment that all this fragmenting goes on. The moment (or NOW)
comes first and it's HUGE.

((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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