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Thank you, Wolfdog. Love you, my friend.

I made an omelet and pancakes for Sean and I today and we enjoyed those together. We visited on the patio with some people Sean has met there.

There is one sweet lady by the name of Martha that asked if I would request prayer for her and her son, Peter, here on Shirley's Board. I promised her I would, so here I am.

She simply asks that we keep her and her son in our prayers and that we join her in sending loving energies to surround her son especially on Wednesday.

Hmmm, I volunteered to call Bingo on Saturdays for the residents as they didn't have anyone to do so. I had gone out to the cafeteria with Sean on Saturday to play Bingo and alas, the Volunteer didn't show up. The residents were very disappointed as they have few activities to do on the weekends. So, I am really excited about that and getting them little prizes and such from the Dollar Tree. I asked Sweet Pea, the Bingo Queen, for information and she sent me the different games. So, I am looking foward to it, I think it will be fun for the all of us.

Oh yeah, I did play the piano. And this girl needs to practice before she does that again. Playing the piano by sheet music is not like riding a bicycle. My fingers and brain need time to come together again in union. Yes, I need to practice again. And I can do just that when Sweetpea brings my Cassie Keyboard in June. So, all goes well but it will be a time before I will be playing the piano in front of others again and certainly a little time when I will be singing with my playing. ahahahha!!!!

Anyway, Sean told me today that he is just loving where he is now and looking forward to working out tomorrow and invisioning walking again. So, he is certainly creating his reality in a most positive way.

Love you all,
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