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Default Another Great Day!

Sean had another great day! He began his physical therapy restorative portion on his upper body today and he was so excited about it. Said he already felt better with just one session. So, he is looking forward to the improvement with each day.

He said the Head of Nurses came in to check on him and asked if he needed anything. He told her he sure would like to have a banana. So, she went and got him two and made some jokes along the way.

We have found that everyone is exceptionally helpful and that all are very positive. It is a great place to be. Sean and I share the evening meal together and catch up on the days news, then he is ready to bed down and so am I so I head home which is like two minutes away. How wonderful that is.

All is good in our world. Blessings to all of you and always grateful for your uplifting energies in our lives.

Love you dearly,
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